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We can all do more to break down the stigma around talking about mental health.

Good mental health is an ongoing journey for many people, but for LGBTQ+ people that journey can be more challenging.

About Check-In
Issues such as discrimination, homophobia and transphobia, plus experiences of hate crimes, social isolation and rejection mean that LGBTQ+ people, unfairly, experience more mental health challenges.

Check-in with Pride aims to foster a more inclusive and compassionate environment, and better support our LGBTQ+ friends, family, work mates, neighbours and chosen families. You can ask: How are you feeling? Is there anything you would like to talk about? (Learn about mental health conversations from Mind).

Together we can normalise conversations about mental health, and in doing so support more people who are struggling.


‘Check in with pride’ is part of the award winning check in campaigns from West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership (Staff check-in and Check-in with your mate). As well as providing communication assets, signposting to support and suicide prevention training, the campaign continues to normalise conversations around mental health – potentially saving lives.

Check-in Campaign Resources

When using any of the resources to promote the campaign through your channels, please ensure you link to the website so people can be directed to the campaign support page.

Briefing note

Brief campaign guidelines for the campaign

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Social media assets with post copy (static)

Static social media assets with post copy

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Animated social media graphics

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Logo Pack

A logo pack in various formats.

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Business Card Flyers

Business card size flyers to hand out on the day

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Pull up Banner

Pull up banner for your Pride Events

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A logo that can be printed on t-shirts

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News Article Images

Example news article images to use

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News article and social media post text

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Artwork to print some bag flags. Please check specs and artwork with your supplier before printing.

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